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Shiatsu Bodywork

Sarah Churcher is a qualified and experienced Shiatsu practitioner working in South Shropshire and Powys at practices in Shrewsbury, near Welshpool and at her home practice in Lydbury North (see about me page for full details).

Shiatsu is a style of bodywork that takes place fully clothed on a comfortable futon mat or a massage table if required. It originates from Japan, using Chinese medicine theory (5 element) in its diagnosis. The practitioner uses a hands on skilled touch to work with points and energy lines called meridians, with varying depths, movements and holding. The points and meridians are like a map on and into the body, showing the practitioner a clearer picture of how energy is flowing throughout you and where support is needed to encourage balance.

The touch used by the practitioner will be what you are comfortable with, never forcing or using any sudden depleting movements. Gentle stretches may be used, along with rotations of joints and limbs to bring you back in touch with your energy and release held, painful or stiff areas.

The Shiatsu practitioner meets areas within you needing attention or support, helping wake up your energy flow ( called “vital chi” in Chinese medicine). This holistic therapy helps you connect with your body, mind and soul.

The Shiatsu session is a safe space that is confidential for you. It can be recieved to support you physically or emotionally, for relaxation or to promote good health.

"The body remembers, the bones remember, the joints remember, even the little finger remembers. Memory is lodged in pictures and feelings in the cells themselves. Like a sponge filled with water, anywhere the flesh is pressed, wrung, or even touched lightly, a memory may flow out like a stream." Clarissa. Pinkola. Estes

Shiatsu Society registered.  Visit the Shiatsu Society website.